ZXN Design Co.



Inspired by the complexity and geometry of high tech  machines, ZXN Design Co. was founded in Manhattan, New York by Brandon Scott.

Each design we create follows two main principles...

ONE | Create designs inspired by the look and feel of high tech machinery, in which different materials and geometric forms are combined in a minimalist way. 

TWO | Create designs with great precision and quality. 

Starting at a young age Brandon was exposed to the manufacturing world by working at a jewelry factory, creating pieces by hand. In later years he went on to head departments implementing more high tech methods of jewelry manufacturing that require a greater degree of precision.

Along this journey Brandon earned a degree in Architecture & Design, studying how different shapes and materials can come together to create a functional form be it a building, a piece of furniture or even jewelry.

This Architecture background, combined with a love for the intricacies of high tech machinery, drives each design at ZXN Design Co.